Who pays for a medical expertise?

Who pays for a medical expertise?
Who pays for a medical expertise?

In theory, each one of the parties pays for his own medical expert.
In this perspective, a medical defense agreement, that gives details on our mission as referral doctors and on the way that our fees statements are established, is settled between the victim and our practice, that stays, at all moments of the procedure, fully independent from the insurance companies.


Nevertheless, in practice and in the vast majority of the cases, the victim won’t have to, concretely, support at a financial level the intervention of his/her medical expert.


In fact, the cost of these services, will each time that the legal dispositions allow it, repercuted onto a tertiary organism (generally, an insurance company), in particulat:

- when the victim benefits from the coverage of a juridical protection insurance

- when there is, from the civil standpoint, an accountable individual/organism for the accident, that will consequently have to repair the ensemble of secondary damages, which includes the fees of the medical expert chosen to defend the victim’s interests.

- when the victim is a vulnerable user (passengers, pedestrians, bikers).