What is a medical counter expertise?

What is a medical counter expertise?
What is a medical counter expertise?

A medical counter expertise is a medical expertise in which the referral doctor proceeds to the evaluation of the victim’s damages, allowing he/she to contest the conclusions from the unilateral report, initially established by the medical advisor from an insurance company or an institution.

It can also be asked from a referral doctor to study a medical expertise report whether is amicable or judiciary, that is submitted to him/her to have his/her opinion, for the purpose of redacting an eventual counter expertise report. The doctor will choose to do so under the condition of finding contestation material in it, which is clearly more scarce since there has already been contradictory debates at that stage.

What is the purpose of a medical counter expertise ?

The medical counter expertise realized by a referral doctor aims at contesting the unilateral evaluation from the insurance company or any other paying organism’s medical advisor.

It allows to postulate, the setup of a contradictory evaluation, in which each of represented parties are represented and defended by their own medical advisor, in the context of an amicable or a judiciary medical expertise.



It is evident that the sooner the referral doctors intervenes, the more important are the possibilities to investigate, establish and demonstrate the ensemble of prejudices suffered by the victim following the damage onto his/her physical and or psychological integrity.

This being the case, it is never too late for any victim or litigant to seek the help of a medical expert in order to defend his or her interests in the best possible way, from a medical-legal point of view, at any stage of the procedure, as long as the final compensation has not been paid.